Organizing Mistakes to Avoid like Friday 13th

organized woman's closet

While I prefer sharing organizing tips and positive suggestions, there are some mistakes I’d like to tell you to avoid at all costs to get and stay organized. Declutter first. While this seems like a simple … Read More

(any) Holiday Decor Organizing Tips

Holiday Decor organizing

Normally you don’t see tips on holiday organizing except in reference to Christmas but there are holidays throughout the year that need to be organized as well. While there may not be as many decorations … Read More

Who is ready for some Spring Organizing?

Spring organizing

Does the warmer weather make you want to put away all of your heavy sweaters, coats, and scarves? Do you have the unexplainable urge to dump out your drawers and curate the contents? Does file folding … Read More

Organizing Your Pantry: Canned Food

We’re celebrating National Canned Food month at the end of the month by sharing with you the best ways to store canned food in your pantry. Modern technology is great that it allows us to … Read More

5 Things You Can Declutter Today

I’ve been helping people declutter and create organization systems for more than 6 years professionally. In that time, I’ve noticed see some patterns in clients’ homes. First, everyone is embarrassed and thinks they are the … Read More

Are You Ready for a December Detox?

Happy December! 🌲It’s the most wonderful time of the year. 🎼🎶 For some of us, December is a wonderful month filled with decorating, celebrating, shopping, wrapping, and spending glorious time with family and friends, making amazing memories. For others … Read More

Turn Memorabilia into Art

Your home should be a reflection of you:  what’s meaningful to you and brings you joy,  including your collections and memorabilia. If you’re keeping it, honor it by displaying it or keeping it accessible. How … Read More