Thanksgiving Week Organizing Tips

Thanksgiving week is usually a super busy one so let’s make it a little easier with these easy organizing tips!


  1. Write out your Thanksgiving Day menu. Or whatever it is that you’re responsible for making for the celebration. Write down everything you are responsible for from snacks to dessert. Writing it down also helps you remember everything so it’s ingrained in your brain.
  2. Make your grocery list. Look at your recipes to see all of the ingredients you need. Consolidate similar items on your list so that you buy enough of each item. Also, check to make sure you have enough of the right spices. Check the dates to make sure they haven’t expired either. Don’t forget a trip to the liquor or wine store!
  3. Set the table. Assuming that you will be eating at home, go ahead and pull out your Thanksgiving serving pieces, linens, decor, or anything else that you’ll use to decorate or celebrate the holiday. Set the table as early as possible so you can focus on other preparations.
  4. Bring out your serving pieces. Like Nancy suggested on the Thanksgiving Drink Wine Get Organized, use a sticky note to label what goes in each serving piece and lay it on your table. Put the appropriate utensil next to the dish so you’ve got that out of the way.
  5. Relax and enjoy the holiday. I like to have everyone at the table say something they are grateful for that they’ve never said before. It changes things up a little and provides for some fun conversation!

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