“Carrie helped me re-purpose and re-organize drawers, desks, and closets, so that everything flows more smoothly in my house. We found a solution together for better organizing papers, photos, documents, etc. My life is transformed!! I always thought I could do this on my own, but Carrie’s experience, ingenuity, and quick work made hiring her for this job one of the best decisions I’ve made.”



"Carrie is an innovative thinker and is not afraid to challenge you to get you to think more creatively. I liked the virtual experience because it made the process more manageable for me. As a busy mom, it’s hard to find time to make an appointment and set aside several hours to meet in person with an organizer, so this worked well for my schedule. I just wish I had called her earlier!"
Meredith H.
Camarillo, CA
"Having Carrie work with us gave us motivation to move the project along faster. It would have taken us much longer to accomplish this on our own. She works within your budget and time constraints. She makes sensible recommendations like re-using containers that you already have."
Debbie L.
Atlanta, GA
"Carrie was a life saver. When selling our house, she organized and staged it. After a quick sell she was there to help pack and move. Could not have done it without her."
Kathi M.
Marietta, GA
"I feel happy and more in control when I see my closet. It’s so much easier to find things and there is more positive energy. When you get something small under control, there’s a ripple effect to other areas."
Laura C.
Mt Pleasant, SC
"Before I knew it, we had cleaned out my entire office. I feel 20 pounds lighter from getting rid of all the clutter. She made it so easy, I know that I can work our game plan and be ready for more cleaning out!"
Kathy C.
Atlanta, GA
"I absolutely feel more efficient. One key factor is that some of the items I use on a weekly basis were hidden down in my basement – but now there is so much space in my office that they can be stored close by! I actually LOVE coming to work now because my mind is so open and free from disorganization!"
Jenni D.
Columbus, OH
"Carrie has such amazing ideas and flair for making organization fashionable. highly recommend!"
Lisa J.
Marietta, GA