Secure Your Pot of Gold: Organize your Money

Don’t waste your time chasing Leprechauns to the end of the rainbow to *maybe*  find your pot of gold and potential 3 wishes. Instead, focus on organizing your money so you can grow your own wealth. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked with a client and found money with them, whether in the form of actual cash, gift cards, a credit card, gift certificate, or even change. It all spends the same so I’d call it MONEY!

The first step to securing your pot of gold is to organize your wallet, which should be done regularly.

  1. Take everything out: cash, cards, change, checkbook, etc.
  2. Take out any cash and group together by denomination the same.
  3. Throw away any trash such as old receipts, random pieces of paper, candy wrappers, etc.
  4. Throw away membership cards that are no longer valid such as Blockbuster or the gym you worked out in during college.
  5. Put back the cards, photos, reminders that you need to function on a regular basis.

Doesn’t that feel better (and lighter)?

Another tip is to treat your gift cards like cash and store them in your wallet. If it is for a store where you primarily shop online, I’d recommend storing it in your desk or wherever you tend to do your online shopping. You want to have all methods of payment stored together so you can find it when you need it.

When you know what you have and where to find it is my definition of being organized. It’s essential to know what money you have and where it is. Otherwise it slips through your fingers unnoticed and it’s ‘bye ‘bye pot of gold!

Happy organizing!