Do not wear your spring clothes yet!

While it’s tempting to toss all of your sweaters and heavy clothes in back of the closet in exchange for lighter spring clothes, you need to stop! You need organize your winter clothes first, before you greet spring with sandals, lighter colors, and white jeans. This means putting away heavy sweaters, boots, coats, scarves, etc the RIGHT way first. Your life will be much easier when the temps turn cooler in the fall if you take a little time to properly organize your winter wardrobe. 

If you don’t put winter away first, you run the risk of ruining your clothes, shoes, boots, coats, etc. and losing an investment you made in your wardrobe. This happened to me several years ago. The drawer where I had stored my sweaters had a moth infestation soandI had to throw away every single sweater that was in it. Not fun or cheap to fix.

This is what you need to do to take care of your winter clothes before you switch to spring 

  1. Clean your clothes. I wash my wool and cashmere sweaters and scarves in mesh bags on the gentle cycle in my washing machine with gentle sweater detergent. After they dry on every flat surface in my bedroom, I fold them and put them away in a dresser. 
    DO NOT store sweaters or winter clothes in plastic bags, like the ones from the dry cleaners. They are natural fibers and need to breathe. Store in cotton zip up bags if you need to contain them.
  2. Don’t forget to clean your scarves and shawls. These sometimes get overlooked in the coat closet but the same applies: they need to be cleaned before putting away.
  3. Dry clean winter coats and hats that can’t go in the wash. If you wore it, clean it. Check pockets, too, for forgotten treasures.
  4. Evaluate your winter wardrobe. While you’re cleaning, this is the perfect time to evaluate if you want to keep these winter clothes. Did you wear everything? If it doesn’t fit or flatter, think if there is something you can do to alter it to make it work. If not, it’s time to pass it on to someone else. What’s the point of letting it take up valuable real estate in your closet if you don’t wear it or love it? Give to a friend or donate to charity.
  5. Match up gloves and mittens. I can’t tell you how many hall closets I’ve worked on that had a bin of single mittens and gloves. Make a concerted effort to find the mates and then get rid of any remaining singles. 
  6. Clean your boots and other winter shoes. This is so important, especially if you’ve gotten salt and mud on them. Depending on the condition of the boots or shoes, you may have to get them professionally cleaned but you can at least get all of the dirt off the heels and soles. Now is the time to evaluate if they need repair like new tips or soles.
  7. Store away. All of these clothes that you’re not going to wear for a while can now be placed in a less convenient location in your closet or home. Everything that you’re currently using and wearing should be at eye level or have the easiest access. Fold your sweaters to avoid permanent creases on the shoulders. Use lavender or cedar sachets in the drawers or fabric bins to keep them smelling nice and to ward off bugs. I’m not a fan of mothballs but they are great for warding of squirrels in your garden or attic.

It seems like a lot to do at once but if you put winter clothes away properly, they’ll be ready to wear when cooler temps return. You’ll know exactly what you have and where it is so you don’t waste time looking for your warmer clothes when you need them.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

organized closet

Who is thrilled that Spring is here besides me? I love spring so much because the weather is perfect (not too hot, not too cold, and usually sunny), people are in better moods, and the blooming flowers and trees are gorgeous!

I also love spring because it signals a new season of growth which makes me think of shedding anything old, worn out, or tired. I’m more excited about spring organizing than spring cleaning and I love anything that makes organizing easier.

I put together a list of 51 Things You Probably Have Too Much of and Can Get Rid of to help you (really me) purge the excess and stuff that is old, worn out and tired that you no longer need. Don’t let the long title scare you! Having a list to use makes your spring organizing work more focused and effective because you’re not just wandering through closets wondering what you’re looking for.

Go through the list of 51 Things You Probably Have Too Much of and Can Get Rid of and mark off anything that you were able to get rid of. There is nothing more satisfying than marking things off a list!

Oh, and remember that “getting rid of” can mean giving away, donating, recycling, or throwing away. Someone may need exactly what you no longer need so try to find a good recipient. Here in the Atlanta area, I love taking things to the Sandy Springs Recycling Center because they also have donation resources there. You can search for “recycling center” and your town or county name to find something similar in your area.

Happy Spring organizing!

Who is ready for some Spring Organizing?

Does the warmer weather make you want to put away all of your heavy sweaters, coats, and scarves?
Do you have the unexplainable urge to dump out your drawers and curate the contents?
Does file folding bring your warm fuzzies?
Have you been cleaning and putting up blankets and flannel sheets?

Are you feeling the Spring Organizing buzz? Ok, maybe that’s just me….

I love the change of the seasons and all the beautiful colors that Spring brings. I’m happy when Fall brings cooler weather and changing leaves and I also enjoy the cold and snow when Winter follows after. There is a season for everything and a time to enjoy whatever nature brings. It’s all going to change shortly anyway so soak it all in, whatever season it is.

When Spring comes around bringing warmer temperatures, I relish the natural inclination to spruce up my own house. The New Year’s phrase, “out with the old, in with the new” resonates strongly with me and I love helping other people do the same.

It’s not necessarily about throwing things away but rather putting away the seasonal things you don’t need right now. Having fewer choices actually makes your life easier because your brain doesn’t have to process all of the different options that your eyes see.

I like to call this curating your closet although it applies to any part of your home. Removing the distractions so you can see what’s essential, loved, needed, and used.


  1. select, organize, and present (online content, merchandise, information, etc.), typically using professional or expert knowledge.

Did you know that we are naturally programmed to want to Spring Clean? No, seriously. In the Winter, when you spend less time outdoors and even less time exposed to light, your body produces more melatonin which tells you to sleep and stay inside.

As the weather warms up, and we spend more time outside, the melatonin production decreases so we become more energized. We have an innate desire to shake things up and peel off the heavy layers of winter.

Historically speaking, we would have opened the windows to clear out the dust and soot from our wood and coal burning fires and had to scrub the walls and ceilings. Fortunately, we don’t have to air our houses out in order to breathe or literally wash it top to bottom but it sure is nice to get that fresh air in.

If you’re not feeling the Spring Organizing buzz, let us help you out. Neatsmart is all about editing, curating, and creating the personalized system that makes your life easier. Give us a call if you’d like help with cutting your home for Spring.