Organize your spices like a boss


When you are cooking whether for yourself or a crowd, are you filled with dread when the recipe asks for different herbs or spices? Ugh, that means I’ve got to open THAT cabinet or THAT drawer and I have no idea if I have whatever the recipe requires. During the rush of mixing and blending and seasoning it is very easy to just shove them all back in the cabinet and close it quickly however, you are back in the same quandary the next time you read the words “cumin” or “ginger” or “cinnamon.” Can Neatsmart make it all go away, a la Calgon? Yes, we can and it’s so easy a 5 year old can do it!

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Get Neatsmart: 5 in 5


  1. Check your pantry for expired foods. Go to the far reaches of your shelves and pull out anything with dust on it and look for an expiration date. If it hasn’t expired and you don’t plan on using it soon then donate it to a shelter.
  2. Check your refrigerator for expired foods. Hmmm, there’s a theme here. 🙂 The refrigerator door is the home of seldom used condiments. It’s amazing how fast time flies between adventurous cooking sessions. Check these bottles for dates and throw out what’s past its prime.
  3. Don’t stop by the Sale section in a store. Just because something is on sale does not mean it should come home with you.
  4. Name a Folder “Taxes 2014.”  Put all of your deductible receipts, W2s, and any other tax related items. You’ll be happy you did this next year when you sit down to work on your taxes.
  5. Put all appointments on your calendar immediately. This includes anything you are responsible for attending: parties, meetings, doctors’ appointments, forms that need to be returned, etc. Don’t wait until later because it may never happen and then you’re time management is challenged.