One Room Challenge
                  One Room Challenge

Yay, it’s here! The big reveal for my Closet Makeover! I can not tell you how excited I am that I did this whole project but that I had you here to keep me motivated and on target. It is so easy to let projects slide, especially ones that are for ourselves. We tell ourselves that nobody is going to see it so why bother but it is important to take care of ourselves and have our homes and closets be our refuge.

Closet Makeover Before
closet makeover before
Closet Makeover Before

SO here is where we started:

  • organized but not very pretty
  • lots of piles of shoes #homelessshoes
  • piles of sweaters, jeans, s horts, you get the picture
  • no easy access to bags
  • extra piece of furniture
  • dark corners with lots of dust!

And this is where it all got better. First we started by clearing out the stuff I no longer wore, needed, loved, etc. That included this dress from the early ‘90’s.

closet makeover before
Bye bye old dress that I haven’t worn in 20+ years

I pulled down the old, yucky shelves and patched holes. Yuck. Painted the walls and ceiling a lovely light lavender and changed out the light fixture.

Pretty new light fixture--very hard to photograph
Pretty new light fixture–very hard to photograph
Pretty shelves and a pretty color!

Then came the new shelves and drawers. Hallelujah!


Putting it all back was actually a snap because I’d already measured and knew where everything was going.

It’s always nice to have a spot for some artwork and pretty arrangements. I now have a convenient place for travel bags and the essential safety pins & extra buttons.
Sweaters get stacked by type so they are easy to find and even easier to put away–which is half the battle with organization.
Purses and a few sentimental items.
Sweaters stacked by type: turtlenecks, v-necks, crewneck, etc.
Shoes are SO much easier to see and put away. I love that I can sit in my chair when I put them on or off.
Short hang skirts and blouses grouped together by type and sleeve length
Here’s my longer items like dresses and jackets. Belts hang here, too.
And there is room to spare! I love having an empty shelf. It gives me room to breathe.
And there is room to spare! I love having an empty shelf. It gives me room to breathe.


Inserted a rug and a small chair and it’s all done!

Yay! It's done! I love my new closet!
Yay! It’s done! I love my new closet!

Have you been following the other One Room Challenge participants? Major eye candy here! You can find me reading these the rest of the week. It is so inspiring to see what others have accomplished, especially the DIY projects. I’m inspired to try more makeovers in other rooms of my house!
In case you were wondering where everything came from here are the sources:
Chair & rug:

Light: Home Depot

Shelves & drawers: ELFA from The Container Store

I’d love to hear what you think of the Closet Makeover in the comments below. Are you ready for your own makeover?

Happy Organizing!