Amazing Containers!

organized cabinet desk office

The power of a container can not be underestimated. I realize this sounds like a lot of praise to give to a box or bin but you have no idea how amazing a container can be. Not everything you own needs to be put in a container but keep reading to learn why they are important if you want to keep your home organized.

organized home

Containers are multitasking heroes in our home! 

A container defines a home:: What that means is when you have a box for your picture hanging supplies or cup to hold pens, you know where those items go. No longer are they to be stored on top of a dining table or scattered in a cabinet but they go in that specific box or cup. Bonus points for labeling boxes that store loose parts.

Sets a limit::  When you have a drawer or bin for containing workout tops, you can see how many you have and hopefully avoid over shopping for them. Seeing is believing and knowledge is power. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “I had no idea I had so many X.” When you contain it, you set the limit for how many you need.

Communicates inventory:: This is similar to the limit but this is applicable for items that you are using up regularly, say baking ingredients or toilet paper. When you can see how much flour is in the container, you know how much you have. Ditto for a basket of toilet paper. A quick peruse of the pantry or cabinet prior to grocery shopping lets you know instantly whether you need to add those items to the list. This is so much less stressful that having to check multiple places or wonder while you’re shopping if you need to get these items. By the way, this is the #1 reason why people overbuy certain items: they don’t really know what they have and don’t want to risk running out.

Visual reminder of its home:: Try telling someone where to find something when you don’t know where it is yourself. The empty cup or labeled box do that for you. This is also super helpful in bathroom or office drawers where you have a lot of little things to keep track of. Seeing the empty space where the tape or floss were helps remind what goes there.

Makes it pretty:: Last and certainly not least is the visual aspect of organization, my personal favorite. What better way to make toilet paper look pretty than to put it in a pretty basket! Or you can place cotton swabs in an antique cream pitcher to add elegance in your bathroom. Clear bins with lids bring beauty to items stored away in closets. Express a little bit of your personality with brightly colored bins or monochromatic office supplies.

organized kitchen cabinets

We could all use a little more beauty in our lives so take this opportunity to find some in your home or office with the containers you choose!

If you’re looking for some ideas on creative, useful containers, please check out my boards on Pinterest. I’ve got whole boards devoted to baskets, kitchensclosets and even more so click on through to see what I recommend and use for containing things stylishly in your home!


Artist’s Studio Organization Project

I wanted to share a fun project that I worked on recently that involved an artist’s studio and office space. Andrea Krakovsky (, an Atlanta-based artist, contacted me about helping her organize her studio and office spaces that are shared in the same room. She was feeling overwhelmed by projects and wasn’t able to locate all of her materials and supplies as they were scattered throughout her space. She was spending money on additional supplies because she couldn’t find them and she need a place to feel motivated to work. Sound familiar? Have you ever looked at your desk and just let out a collective “ugh” because it was such a disaster? Fortunately she recognized that this disorganization was keeping her from achieving success in her passion so we got to work quickly on clearing the space.

Studio before organization 1

Studio work space before organization

Studio supply area before

One of Andrea’s challenges, like for most artists, is that she works in multiple mediums. What that means is that she has a lot of different supplies to keep track of: pencils, paints, brushes, beads, wires, hooks, paper, etc. Her primary focus is making jewelry so that was our priority in organizing her studio but she also needed a place to do the business side of her work so we created an office space with her desk.

She also didn’t want to spend additional money on organization bins or containers. I absolutely agree that you can find a lot of materials in your own home that you can use to corral like items. One of my favorites is glass jars because they are available anytime you buy and use spaghetti sauce, pickles, mustard, jelly, etc. You can put them in the dishwasher when finished so that they are ready to be used when needed. Of course, don’t start hoarding them—you can always just recycle them, too. Being organized does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money on boxes, containers, and labels.

You can find Andrea’s work at Re-Inspiration Store, which specializes in artwork made from recycled materials. If you are in the Atlanta area, this is a great place to go for gifts and art made by local artisans.

If you are an artist who needs your studio organized, please contact Neatsmart to get started on clearing your space and making room for calm, inspiration, and motivation.

Happy Organizing!

Studio and office after

Studio supplies labeled and ready to use!

Studio workspace after: a place open for creativity and inspiration.

Thousands of beads organized by color and material into zippy bags. These will ultimately find themselves in glass jars which are easier to manage than flat, divided plastic cases.

Clear desk+organized supplies=productive space!