How Clutter Costs You Money: Closet Edition

Not bad, but not great either.

Continuing with our topic of how clutter costs you money, we now move to the closet. Look at your closet the same way you look at your pantry: do you know what is in there? Are clothes neatly folded or tossed into piles? Do you know what is clean and what is dirty? Does everything fit? Does anything fit? Do you wear the same things over and over again and skip over other items consistently?

Taking care of the clothes that you have will save you money by not having to replace items constantly. A suit, for example, doesn’t need to be cleaned very often but aired out after wearing. If you leave it on the floor or in a pile it’s going to have to be sent to the cleaners prior to wearing again because it will be wrinkled and smelly.  Going to the cleaners costs money in terms of time and the actual expense plus you don’t have that suit for a few days. Frequently people pull something out of their closet to wear only to realize that it needs to be repaired. It goes into a pile or back in the closet thereby remaining un-wearable. They buy another one instead of repairing and add to the general clothing inventory. Wouldn’t it have been better to repair the item? Yes, it would have cost less money and you wouldn’t have multiples of the same item, confusing you as to what is wearable and what isn’t.

Do your clothes fit? Do you save multiple sizes of clothes “just in case…?” Staying a consistent size will save you money by not, again, having multiples of items in different sizes. I’d suggest a size larger and a size smaller is the maximum range you want to hang on to and even then pay attention to what you wear consistently.

Can you see your clothes? Do you have to go through piles to find a particular item? Keeping shirts, trousers, skirts, jackets, etc. on hangers will help keep your clothes not only in order so you can see them but wrinkle free, too. Sweaters, tee shirts, and other knits should be neatly folded so you can see them easily and, again, kept wrinkle free. Shoes should be paired together

Knowing what you have,  keeping it wearable, and organized saves you time, the non renewable resource we all want more of, by not having to stress over what to wear each time you get dressed. I know a lot of parents teach their kids to lay out their clothes the night before school so they know what they are going to wear the next day and don’t have to fuss with it in the morning. Adults should take this advice for themselves to eliminate the morning rush, time-wasting-cycle of trying things on, realizing they don’t fit/ are dirty/ need to be fixed/ let’s try something else. The time spent on this cycle of decision-making can be easily eliminated by clearing and organizing your closet. Eliminating situations that can cause anxiety will greatly reduce your (and anyone else’s living in the same home) daily stress level, which means more time for enjoying activities that you want to do, less money and time spent shopping for things you already have, and less time on wasteful, circuitous activities like figuring out what to wear. You have better and more important things to do!

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Everything in its place
Clutter free closet
Clutter free closet











You have to go in your closet every day and how you start your day sets the tone for how it is going to progress. Start it on a positive, clear, and confident step so that they rest of your day is productive, enjoyable, and fulfilling. Remember: neat really is smart.

Happy organizing!

60 Second Tip to Save Time and Money

Happy New Year, everyone! First off, thank you for reading this blog and coming back for my sporadic posts. I am committing officially to posting 3 times per week so you should see a lot more valuable content coming out from the depths of Neatsmart’s brain. I am here to share more organizing tips, ideas, quotes, mantras, and general thoughts about the stuff we fill our lives with on a regular basis.

So here is my 60 second tip to save time and money for the 2nd day of 2013: get rid of your email. What? Get rid of it completely? No, not completely but what I do suggest is that you clean out those regular messages you get because you bought something online at a store or signed up for a subscription for something you no longer read. And speaking of shopping, you do realize that the goal of online retailers is to sell you more stuff, right? They are not your buddies just letting you know that sweaters are an extra 15% off with today’s special code. They don’t care that you have 15 black sweaters already jammed in your drawers. They want you to buy another one and another one and so on. They want you to spend as much time as possible perusing their well designed site so you’ll be tempted to impulse-purchase something from their fabulous collection today. They want to turn your “wants” into “needs” and then turn those into “shopping cart purchases” which costs you $$$.

Today pick 3 sources to unsubscribe to so you can free up your inbox and add time to your day to do something better than shopping and buying more than you need. I guarantee you’ll love how liberating it feels to not have so many junk emails to go through every day.  Plus you are removing the temptation to spend money on things you don’t need. And while you are at it, spend another 5 minutes deleting or filing messages that are stacking up in your cluttered inbox. All of those holiday party invitations, notices of Christmas and after Christmas sales, travel plans from months ago, can all go in the trash. Free up some space in your inbox and feel confident that it’s going to be less cluttered tomorrow and the day after and so forth.

Happy New Year and happy organizing!