Uncomplicate your gift closet

Welcome to week 2 of #uncomplicateyourholidays where I’m sharing suggestions for short tasks you can do NOW to make the holidays easier this year. Each week has a different task that I guarantee will make your holidays a little less stressful and a lot less overwhelming. Who else would like to #uncomplicateyourholidayseason?

Question for you:  do you shop ahead of time for gifts? I do 🙋🏼‍♀️

Yay! It is great to purchase gifts when you’re traveling or when you see something you know a friend or family member would love. 

Some of us like shopping for gifts when they are on sale which may not be close to the time we are giving it.

The problem with this is forgetting what you’ve bought because you threw it in a closet that’s disorganized and cluttered. Because out of sight is out of mind and if you don’t see it you tend to OVERSHOP. 

For this week, to help you #uncomplicate your holiday season I want you to focus on your gift stash/ closet

  • Pull all of the intended gifts out and make sure they are still in good condition
  • If anything is no longer an appropriate gift, give it away
    Sometimes we purchase for an occasion and then it doesn’t feel right for whatever reason—maybe the recipient outgrew it or changed jobs. I’ve seen many gift closets where someone has stocked up on baby gifts and forgot about them until the kids were in school. 🙈 It happens, don’t sweat it! Just donate it to make room for other timely, appropriate gifts.
  • Group gifts together by category (hostess gifts or food or beauty) or intended recipient before putting back in place.
  • If you know who the gift is for right now, add a stickie note to the outside with the intended recipient’s name and occasion such as “Laura b-day.” Don’t give your brain something else to remember–write it down!

I’m willing to bet if you shop ahead of time for gifts, you haven’t cleaned out your stash in a while or maybe even ever! Now is a good time to organize your gift closet (or cabinet, box, or wherever you keep your gift stash) so that you can find the right gift at the right time. 

There’s nothing worse than finding that perfect birthday gift you bought a week after their birthday!

Plus you’ll be ahead of the game when it comes to end of year gift giving because you’ll already know what you’ve got!

If you’re eager for more tips and a solution to make the holidays easier, keep reading to see information about my bundled solution called Holiday Smart Solution Bundle !

(any) Holiday Decor Organizing Tips

Normally you don’t see tips on holiday organizing except in reference to Christmas but there are holidays throughout the year that need to be organized as well. While there may not be as many decorations as Christmas, other holidays signify changes in decor: Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, etc. They need their own place as well so you can find them at the appropriate time.

For any holiday that includes its own decor or entertaining paraphernalia, you need to designate a specific home for keeping it when it’s not in season. It could be a shelf in a closet or a bin (or several) with a lid–whatever suits your needs. You just need to group it all together by season or occasion.

There is nothing that puts you OUT of the holiday season faster than not being able to find all of your decor when it’s time to use it. Having them all together will save you frustration as well as time and money not buying duplicates.

I personally prefer clear plastic bins for myself and for clients so that you can see what’s inside. However, colored or patterned bins can be fun, too. Again it’s your choice and needs to meet your needs.

Label the bins with the appropriate holiday. It’s easy to label a plastic bin with white duct tape and a marker which is what I use all the time. If you need to change out the bin, the tape comes off easily. You can also use a label maker if you have one.

I also like using bins with lids so that you can stack them out of the way on higher shelves in your closet when not in use. Once the season rolls around you just pull out the appropriate bin and decorating is easy, fun, and stress free, the way it should be!

Happy organizing!

Make the holidays easier

holidays easierSo we just finished Thanksgiving and it seems like the second the dishes were put away, Christmas started. I am one of the few people in my neighborhood who did not put up decorations this past weekend. I do love decorating for the season but I like to savor it along the way instead of rushing to get it done…like it’s a chore.

Too many people feel overwhelmed every other day of the year and the holidays can exacerbate that feeling of gotta get it done, made, bought, wrapped, sent, etc. Even the best intended can get too wrapped up in trying to do everything and thereby enjoy nothing of the season.

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