Day 22: 30 Day Challenge

Day 22: Kids’ Toys, Books, & Games

Can you believe it’s day 22 already? This means I’ve gotten rid of 253 things from my house. Next Wednesday, the total will be 465. That’s what I call progress!

day 22Ok, today’s pile may not seem as applicable to any of you who haven’t had kids living with you but it’s always important to go through your books, games, and, yes, toys to determine if you (or your kids) are still using them. If there are books, games, phones, electronics, sporting goods, or tools that you’re not using and can’t imagine using again then now is the time to pass it on. You can donate these items to charity or give them to any church or school that you might need them. Check with family and friends to see if they might be interested, too.

Don’t worry about the money you’ve already spent on these items. Hopefully you used and enjoyed them and now it’s time to pass it along for someone else to enjoy.

Expired electronics like old cell phones, VCRs, and fax machines can be recycled properly by checking your county’s website. Type in your county name and “recycling” and you should get a list of locations to take just about anything you need recycled.

Happy organizing!