Cord Control

Cords, cables, and wifi oh my!
Cords, cables, and wifi oh my!

Do you have a drawer or cabinet full of cords that frightens you? Do the cords seem to be multiplying in the dark? Take control over your cords and get them organized so they don’t take over your house!

We all have more electronics in our home than we ever imagined: cell phones, printers, GPS, computers, tablets, digital cameras, etc. Multiply that by the  number of people you have living in your home and you’ve got a mess of cords to control. Here are some tips to manage them more efficiently and effectively and also how to dispose of them responsibly.

Cords need to be identified and easily accessible.
Cords need to be identified and easily accessible.

Here are some things to gather first to take on this project:

  1. Sharpie pen
  2. Rubber bands/ twist ties
  3. Zippy bags
  4. Washi tape, if you’re fancy like that. You can also use regular Masking tape. If you’re an organizer in training, you can use your label maker.

First go through the mass of cords and untangle them.  Now look at each one and determine what it belongs to. You may have to walk around the house and try to match up the cord to the electronic device. Typically cords aren’t cheap so you want to make sure you don’t toss something you really need. On the other hand, if it has been in a cabinet and you haven’t needed it you probably won’t need it. 🙂 If you can’t identify what it goes to or you know what it is and you no longer have it, put it in a bag for donation. I’ll talk more about that later.

So now you have a pile of cords that you do in fact need but you need a way to corral and label them. Take each cord and neatly fold it and use a rubber band or twist tie to bind it. Now you need to label what it belongs to or what it does. Cut a piece of tape 3-4 inches long and fold it around the end of the cord near the plug so that the ends meet up and you’ve got a tag on the end. Now take out your Sharpie and label the cord. Easy peasy.

washi label

Washi tape is fun but can be a little difficult to write on. I also love the idea of color coding items with their cords but that would require a lot of tape!

Another option is to put the cord in a size appropriate zippy bag and just label the bag. This is helpful for cords you may not use very often.

So now you have your cords labeled and probably a lot more room in your drawer to put them back. You’ve done all of the hard work so now you’ve just got to keep it up going forward. It’s a lot easier to maintain than to start off so pat yourself on the back.

What do you do with all of the cords that you don’t need, that are in the donate bag? You can recycle those typically in a city/ county recycling centers. You just have to look up your county and “recycling” online and you’ll be able to see if and where they will accept those items. Also, places like Best Buy and some Goodwill stores will recycle electronics as well. Go to EARTH 911 and you can look up by zip code the item you wish to recycle and they’ll tell you where.

How about you? How do you organize your cords?

Happy organizing!