Save time: Get a uniform

Have you ever considered adopting a uniform as a method to getting organized and saving time? If you had tried to sell me on wearing a uniform in my youth, I would have kicked and screamed and hated you for suppressing my personal fashion expression.

Today, I feel 180 degree the opposite.

Hear me out: I don’t think you need to go buy scrubs or order clothes from a janitorial supply company… at all. But look at the clothes that you wear over and over again. The ones that you reach for when you can’t figure out what to wear. There is a reason that you keep choosing them.

My guess is they are comfortable. You get compliments when you wear them. You feel good wearing them. They are essentially….your uniform.

If you had more of those clothes and less of the ones that you’re not wearing, I bet you’d have more room in your closet. What if you got rid of the following:*

  • clothes that don’t fit you
  • clothes that are uncomfortable
  • clothes that are permanently stained, ripped, or otherwise damaged
  • clothes that you have nothing to wear with (e.g. tops that you can never find a bottom for or dresses that just don’t fit right)
  • clothes that don’t make you feel happy 

This doesn’t give you carte blanche to wear pjs or yoga pants 24/7. Instead it is a permission slip to get rid of what isn’t serving you. Because if you’re not wearing it, there must be a good reason!

You can find comfortable shoes, work clothes, underwear, and even suits. You can wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself. You may need to get a friend to help you but it doesn’t have to cost a ton of money.

Just think of the money spent on clothes that are just hanging there, lonely and UNWORN.

I have a uniform of black pants paired with varying t-shirts for work in clients’ homes. I usually wear my blush pink sneakers with them because I’m on my feet, knees, and climbing ladders most of the day. Sometimes I wear jeans. Sometimes I wear a sweater. Regardless, I can get dressed with my eyes clothes and I know that my clothes will fit, feel good, and flatter me. THAT is what saves me time and money.

I love clothes and always have. But I love even more wearing selecting and wearing clothes that fit me, I wear regularly, and that are comfortable. Try it. I bet you’ll like it.

*the same applies to shoes

Instant Upgrade: Closet

Is your closet looking “meh” and blah? Would you like for it to inspire you to have an awesome, productive day? Keep reading for some quick tips to give your closet an instant upgrade. Also, most of these suggestions are FREE!

  • Get rid of wire hangers. Get those extra wire hangers out of your closet now! They are taking up valuable space and are ugly. And unnecessary. Take them back to the drycleaners where they will be welcomed.
  • Recycle empty shoe boxes. If you’re not using the boxes to store your off-season shoes then get rid of the boxes. I know it’s tempting to hang on to them “just in case” but what are you waiting for? They take up space and collect dust. They are super easy to recycle if you take out anything plastic in the box.
  • Put a small trash can in your closet. Every closet needs a small trash receptacle for clothing tags, paper filler, old tissues, and unnecessary receipts. Otherwise, that trash ends up on the floor making your closet look messy and unkempt. Get a cute, petite trash can to hold the little trash pieces and make your closet look like a boutique.
  • Hang up your belts. Trying to hang a belt on the neck of a regular hanger takes too much time to put on and take off. Save yourself the energy and take better care of your belts by investing in a belt hanger. You’ll be able to see them all together and pick one out in 2 seconds when you’re dressing in the morning.
  • Re-group your clothes. Sort your hanging tops by sleeve length and then by color. Hang your skirts, pants, and dresses together by length. Just creating some uniformity will ease your visual clutter and give you a sense of calm.
  • Get appropriate & adequate hangers. While I love the velvet hangers for blouses, dresses, and trousers there are other hangers you may need to get for specific clothing. Skirts and shorts should be hung on hangers with clips at the waist band. This keeps them from getting wrinkled. Heavy coats need a wooden or heavy plastic hanger. Men’s suits are best hung on a suit hanger to keep the jacket and pants together and wrinkle free. It makes me crazy to see skirts flung over a hanger or multiple items on one. Each piece of clothing needs its own hanger!
  • Adjust your lighting. Maybe your bulb just needs to be changed but keep the lighting strong in your closet. Most of us have lower ceilings so we are stuck with a flush mount. But, there may be more than one bulb in there. Make sure you’ve got enough light so you can see what you’re about to put on. Those navy and black pants can look awfully similar!

Take a few minutes to make a few adjustments and you’ll be on your way to an upgraded closet in no time. Plus you’ll feel better being able to see exactly what you have in your closet. And your clothes will thank you by becoming less wrinkled. 😉

Happy organizing!