Day 21: 30 Day Challenge

Day 21: Old Christmas Cards

I know some of you are not going to be happy with me but, yes, I threw away (actually recycled) old Christmas cards. Yes, the ones that you painstakingly posed your family for a lovely photograph or glued your fingers together for a glitter fest that was beautiful. In December. Of last year. Or the year before.

day 21I love Christmas cards and think they are a wonderful way of staying in contact with friends and family and sharing annual updates. I savor the cards during the season and post them up in my house. They are a highlight of my Christmas decorating which means they come down just like the tree and the wreaths and ornaments.

You just can’t save everything.

Do you have a stash of old cards? Do you regularly keep them? Do you think I’m crazy for throwing out cards?

Happy organizing!