Uncomplicate your pantry: best organizing tools

This is it! The last week of June and the last in my 4 part series on uncomplicating your pantry. I hope you’ve enjoyed all of the tips and found them helpful. 

If you’d like a recap, here you go: 

part 1:  Get rid of expired food
part 2:  Create zones
part 3:  Decant

Which leads us to the final week 4:  best tools to create a beautifully organized and uncomplicated pantry. These are bins, lazy susans, and other tools to keep your pantry in shape and looking its best.

Remember every pantry is different and you don’t necessarily need to rush out an buy anything. While I think it is important to invest in tools to help you stay organized, you can always try to repurpose baskets and bins that you already have if that is what your budget requires. 

Clearly, (get it 😉?) I like clear bins. If you can see it, well, you haven’t lost it. Being organized is all about knowing what you have and where it goes.

These links are for your information and browsing pleasure. I do not receive a commission or even a thank you for recommending these products. These are just the ones I buy and use repeatedly with clients and for myself.

Clear bins

Lazy susans

Can stacker shelf

Containers with lids for decanting (you saw some of these last week)

Jars with lids for baking supplies, nuts, oatmeal, etc.

There it is! My favorite organizing tools that I get for clients all. the. time. They work and are worth the investment!

Favorite organizing tools

I get asked all the time what are my favorite organizing tools and so I’ve decided to do regular posts called “My favorite things” (cue Julie Andrews singing…..). They aren’t my favorites because someone told me about them. If you see it here, I’ve used it more than once and give it my seal of approval.

Sometimes it isn’t necessarily something related to organizing but just something that makes my life easier. You’ll see my post on a vacuum soon to understand that one ;-). Because we all need hacks, tips, and tricks to make life easier, right?

I love and use these cracker jars (yes, that is their name) all the time in pantries and kitchen cabinets. They are perfect for baking supplies like flour and sugar because they have large mouths and you can easily use a scoop.

Cracker jars for baking supplies
Cracker jars for baking supplies

I also love the fact that they are glass (sturdy & washable) and have screw tops. That is perfect for keeping the contents fresh and bug free.

best containers pantry organization
You can use these jars for nuts, oatmeal, flour, sugar, snacks, or anything else you’d like to be airtight.

I’ve also put different kinds of nuts and snacks in them so they are quite versatile. The large mouth is also helpful for reaching in and grabbing a handful, not that I would do that myself 😉

They come in 3 sizes to suit a variety of needs. The square shape is perfect for storing in a cabinet or on a shelf. You could even use them in a craft room for supplies or bathroom for cotton balls. They will fit just about anywhere! Plus, when necessary, you can just wash in soapy water and there are no scratches like you have with most plastic.

They are sold individually at The Container Store and as a group of 3 on Amazon.

Happy organizing!