5 Tips to Quickly Organize Your Closet

No, this is not my closet nor do I expect anyone who doesn’t have a personal stylist to have a closet that resembles this one. No, this is a fantasy closet and it is beautiful but I’m not even sure I could live with this. I mean, who is going to  refold all of those T-shirts or sweaters? Does this person own stock in Hermes (love the orange boxes)? I put this picture here to show you that you can do 5 things to quickly assess the contents of  your closet or even a bureau or dresser and be on your way to inner (closet) peace.

  1. Put your shoes in order. Line them up with their mates, put them in boxes, place them on a shoe rack or however you store them. This will put them in order and make it easier for you to see them.
  2. Line ’em up. Hang your shirts left to right, shortest sleeve to longest sleeve and light to dark colors. If you have a lot of shirts of a particular type or fabric group them together, like a group of silk blouses or button down collars.
  3. Hang it up or fold it. This simple task will at least make it look neater. If it is dirty, toss it in the laundry or to be dry cleaned pile. Better yet, get a shopping bag or other container to hold the items that need to go to the cleaners. Put your bags and hangers to be recycled with this bag.
  4. Pants go on pants hangers. Skirts go on skirt hangers. This is not rocket science but it works well. Inseams should be lined up and then folded in half. Folding skirts does NOT work and it is bad for the fabric, adding creases. Your clothes should be ready to wear if they are hanging in your closet and you should be able to see everything.
  5. Do NOT hang your sweaters. Not only does this add creases to the shoulders but it also causes them to stretch out. Sweaters need to be folded and stacked only as high as you can get them without the whole pile falling apart.
Good luck and Happy Organizing!

Source: weheartit.com via Carrie on Pinterest

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