Rescue Your Photos!

photo organizing

Run! Don’t walk! Hurry and rescue your photos from the garage, basement, & attic!

Storing your photos in cardboard moving boxes in the garage, basement, or attic is a recipe for disaster. The heat and moisture are terrible for photos so please bring them to a conditioned space. Think of them as your family members, even if they are only 2 dimensional versions of them. They need to be cared for properly.

Store them in a distant closet or high shelf to keep them out of the way. If you have time to put them in albums, that is wonderful. I recommend to people who have them stored all over their house to put them in a photo box to keep them together. You can always categorize them later.

The most important factor is that they are not exposed to extreme temperature or moisture. I’ve unfortunately witnessed moldy photos that were kept too long in cardboard boxes after getting wet.

You can always put them in an airtight plastic bin with a lid but I would still recommend bringing them indoors to a conditioned space like a closet.

The picture above is one client’s solution for storing loose photos:  in large zippered pouches, labeled and sorted by subject like Vacations, School Photos, Photos with Grandparents. That is how she wanted them organized because it made the most sense for her. You may have your own strategy which is equally great.

We all have more digital photos these days so it is important to preserve the printed ones that we do have. Digitizing isn’t a bad idea either, for archiving family photos. Framing is also a great way to enjoy them and enjoy happy memories daily.


Happy organizing!

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