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Happy October!

October is one of my favorite months because the weather is cooler, the leaves gorgeous shades of red, gold, and orange, and there is a magical feeling of excitement in the air. Maybe it’s the excessive beer and wingconsumption due to all of the football but I know a lot of people agree with me that October is their favorite month of the year.

Because it’s a favorite, I’m going to give you a list of some of my favorite things. Not my favorite foods or places to visit but rather favorite products and services that have made my life easier.

I have recommended all of these to friends, clients, strangers, and pretty much anyone who will listen or who asks for a recommendation. While getting your home organized is at the top of MY list of ways to make your life easier, here are some other tools, services, and sites that can enhance your life.

Some of my favorite things in no particular order….


  1. Frambridge. This is an online framing service that you can use from the privacy of your own home. I love art, as many of you know, but I do not love framing art. I have ruined far too many pieces by not framing it and letting it become damaged in a closet or drawer. If you’re going to keep it, you should probably frame it. Framebridge allows you to pick a frame and mat or you can use their designers to give you suggestions. Their fee includes shipping you a container to send your artwork and the return shipping plus the frame and mat, plus printing if it’s a digital image. Soooo easy and no carting pictures around in your car for weeks trying to get to the frame store.

  2. Dyson cordless vacuum. I do not love cleaning the house. I do not love vacuuming. I LOVE my Dyson cordless. It makes vacuuming a breeze because it is ready to go without having to dig it out of closet and there is no cord to untangle. You clean it after each use so there’s no bag to change out. It is a pricey investment but worth every penny. I use this several times a week for a quick run through of high traffic areas or when I’ve spilled something (often). It does the job well on rugs and hard wood floors plus has attachment tools for crevices, corners, and smaller areas. I got mine at Costco but you can find refurbished ones on Amazon.

  3. Commercial plastic wrap. Seeing the size of this you might think I’m serving hundreds of meals a day but that is not the case. The fact that there is a built in cutter for the plastic wrap means that I don’t have to struggle to find the end which makes my life so much easier. I actually don’t mind putting food away because this eliminates the struggle. I know a lot of you may be anti plastic but there are times when there is no substitute. I love the fact that I can easily pull a piece out and it doesn’t get tangled up in my hands or stuck to itself. I got mine at Costco but it may be available other places. It’s really all about the little things that help, ya’ll ;-).

  4. Audible. This app is so great and it’s upped my reading quotient 100%. I would usually read before bed and only get in a page or two before dozing off. Now I can “read” while I walk the dog, get dressed, drive around, and fix dinner. I preach all the time about how multitasking is a myth but here is an example of where you can pair a task that requires your attention (reading/ listening to a book) with one that does not (the aforementioned tasks). While I primarily listen to business books, I do get the occasional novel to add some variety. If you find you have no time to read, get Audible and you’ll plow through them in record time.

  5. ThirdLove. Gentlemen can probably just skip this paragraph as it applies to ladies undergarments. I first heard of this company a few years ago and was pleasantly surprised by their high quality, beautiful, and well fitting bras and underwear. They have everything from everyday, t-shirt bras to date night lace-y unmentionables. I love it when you can buy something online that is a sure thing as far as fit, function, and beauty but can return if necessary. They provide that excellent customer service which is another huge bonus. I’ve seen some, let’s just say, “well used” undies in all the closets I’ve organized and investing in yourself with nice undergarments is a treat worth its weight in gold.

I hope you enjoyed reading this list of favorites and that you find one that help you make your life easier! I’d love to hear if you use or decided to try any of these. Just send me an email at 🙂

Happy organizing!

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