Organizing Recipes

organized recipes

Do you cut recipes out of magazines or print them from Pinterest? Wouldn’t you love to be able to find that delicious recipe your mom wrote down for you? The one that’s in the kitchen….somewhere?!

Have no fear, your solution for Recipe Organization is here!

I always get recipes from magazines or from Pinterest and love trying new ones on the regular. Like you, I needed a place to keep them but also a way to organize them so I could find the right one when I needed it. I didn’t want to have open a box and go through each piece of paper to find the recipe I needed.

So I created a recipe notebook. Super easy. Super functional. It’s perfect for storing all of my printed recipes and I can find exactly what I need when I need it. Win. Win. Win.

  1. Get a 3 ring binder. The size you should get depends on how many recipes you have and how many different categories you have. Mine is 2″ wide.
  2. Get tabbed dividers with pockets from an office supply store. Mine are from Amazon and came in packages of 8 so get as many tabs as you have categories.
  3. Go through your stack of recipes and sort them by type of dish. Everyone has different tastes so you may different categories but you can always start with: Appetizers, Side Dishes, Pasta, Seafood, etc.
    I love baking cookies and breads so I have a category for Breads & Muffins and another one for Desserts.
  4. Print or write out the category labels and insert into a tab.
  5. Put your recipes in the appropriate pocket.
  6. You’re done!

One trip to an office supply store or 15 minutes of online shopping can give you the tools to create your own highly functional and pretty personal recipe organizer. Get creative with the type of binder you use or decorate the cover like you did in high school (or was that just me?).

Happy organizing!

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