File Folding T-shirts Will Save Your Life

So maybe that’s a little dramatic but it will definitely save your sanity and save your drawer space.

  • With file folding you don’t have to worry about your piles falling over every time you reach for shirt in the middle.
  • It also makes it easier to put clean shirts back whether you have a stack of them or just one.
  • You can fit more in a drawer because you’re utilizing vertical space.
  • You can see your clothes better.
  • It works for all types of clothes.

So what is file folding? Some folks call it the Marie Kondo method but I think it’s a little simpler.

  1. Fold the t-shirt with the shoulders in first
  2. Fold the body to bring the bottom to the top
  3. Fold that in half so that you’ve folded the body of the shirt into 4ths.

I add another fold after #6 so it’s in fourths

When you have a stack, you can place them in your drawer and they line up like files in a drawer.

Give file folding a try and see if it doesn’t change your life, or at least your drawers. 😉


Happy organizing!

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