Do you decant?

Decanting isn’t limited to making wine taste better:  it’s a simple way to make your food storage prettier and take up less space, and keep you from overbuying.  Decanting, which is a fancy word for removing packaging, isn’t for every type of food (such as bread) but it’s perfect for food stored in your pantry, counter, cabinet, or in a drawer.

When you remove the packaging that food comes in, such as boxes of canned or bottled drinks, boxed cereals, individual snacks in boxes or bags, you remove the limits that the box sets. Now you can stack the cans or bottles, lay them on their sides, or put the snacks in their own container. You aren’e limited to that box’s particular shape or size.

More importantly, you keep lone servings from  hiding in the box. When food is decanted you can see exactly what you have so it’s easy to check quantities prior to buying groceries.

IF you buy in bulk foods like baking supplies, nuts, dried fruits, or snack mixes, you can put them in their own container to reduce waste and have a pretty display.

Decanting means you’re also being more purposeful in what your keeping and how you display it. Instead of blindly tossing food into the pantry, you’re more careful with where food is stored, how much you have, and what you’re actually eating.

Try decanting today if you haven’t already. A good place to start is with your flour and sugar. Get large containers with wide mouths so you can scoop measuring cups in them. Make sure the top seals or screws on to keep out bugs.

Happy organizing.

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