No Stress Grilling Season

Memorial Day weekend, while a somber recognition of those who gave their lives for our freedom, is typically celebrated by grilling out with friends and family, but also signifies the beginning of Summer. Get ready for a no stress grilling and outdoor entertaining season by following these simple tips.

1. Clean your grill. You have probably heard my mantra “clean things work better” and the grill is no exception. Maybe you cleaned it before covering it from last season (bonus points for you!) or maybe you have been using it regularly year round. Either way, a clean grill will DEFINITELY work better for you. For detailed grill cleaning instructions, click here. These instructions are for gas and charcoal grills.

2. Check your gas tank/ charcoal inventory. Nothing puts a damper on grilling faster than a no-go grill due to lack of gas or not enough charcoal or starter fluid. See what you have now BEFORE stocking up and check all possible storage locations. This refers to Neatsmart mantra #2: measure twice, shop once. Check what you currently have BEFORE shopping. Refill your gas tanks if you have an extra so it’s ready to go when you are.

3. Store your grill tools in one place. Grill tools have a way of finding themselves in any place but close to where you need them. Make sure they’re clean and ready for action and designate a home for them when not in use. You can use a magnetic bar if you have a gas grill with a table attached. If you don’t have that or use an egg shaped grill, I suggest getting a tall, narrow trashcan and placing your grill tools in there for safekeeping.

4. Get plastic wine tumblers. Though this has nothing to do with grilling other than be careful with glass outside on the grill. I’ve witnessed many a party foul with a misplaced glass. Who wants to look for broken glass when you’re enjoying great food and with your friends?



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