Neatsmart Closet Makeover – Week 4 ORC

One Room Challenge
                    One Room Challenge

Welcome to week 4 of the One Room Challenge—only 1 more week before the final unveiling of my Closet Makeover! There is nothing like a time deadline and other people watching to keep you from slacking off help you achieve a goal. If you want to catch up, here are the previous posts: Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3.

For me this week was all about the dirty work that I love in theory but hate in practice because it always takes twice or 3x the time, makes a bigger mess, and has some weird obstacle that makes me want to quit. Sound familiar?

This was my to do list from last week


  1. Take EVERYTHING out of the closet so I can… ✓
  2. Take down current shelves ✓
  3. Patch holes ✓
  4. Paint ✓
  5. Select & install new light fixture ✓
  6. New closet installation (this is supposed to happen on Tuesday) ✓
  7. Put clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. back where they are supposed to go. This is also a good time to look at cloths a 2nd time to see if I REALLY want to keep them. ✓ (But I’m not sure if everything will stay where it is)

Let me tell you, everything took 3 times as long and was a bigger pain than I planned for but it all worked out in the end. Plus I learned how to change out a light fixture and not get a divorce in the same weekend!

Taking everything out of the closet was major! I had planned and brought my rolling rack up to hold most of my hanging clothes but I swear they took up more space here than in the closet. There were baskets full of shoes, folded clothes, stacks of bins, and just random clothes tossed around because….


This is HUGE! This was a great lesson for me to remind clients that if you don’t have a home for things they will end up EVERYWHERE and you won’t be able to find things in time to get dressed! The visual clutter added to my stress level because nothing was where I expected it to be. My beautifully organized closet did not exist. It certainly was wearing my last nerve (and my husband’s) that there were clothes draped over the bathtub, on the counter, and on the floor in complete disarray. I thought it would be a fast turn around but that was not the case.

Remember I had decluttered before all of this started, too. Or so I thought….:-)

Pulling down the shelves took a little longer than expected. You never know until you get started, though, because there is no reason to remove your shelves just for fun.

Patching the holes was not so great, either. I don’t think I’m going to win any Miss Spackle awards any time soon.

I did decide on a lovely color, though, which made me very happy. SW Inspired Lilac looked like just the slightest purple on the chip but, like you decorators know, on the wall is darker. I’m happy with it but I have to remember that lesson: it always looks darker once it’s painted.

SW - White Iris
                                         SW – White Iris

UH OH!!!

It’s at this point in writing this that I realize I have zero (0) photos to go with this post. Yep, Z.E.R.O. Zilch. Pas de tout.

Anyone in the blog world will tell you that you MUST have photos or you’re a moron and nobody will read your post. I wouldn’t blame them. I took plenty of photos…..on my Instagram story. I just neglected to download them before they disappeared. #duh  So I can’t show you the great “I’m making such awesome progress photos.” I’ll share what I can but you’re going to have to trust me on this one. *major sad face*  🙁

organized closet, closet makeover
This is one of the few pictures I have. Painting has been completed!

The painting has been completed, new light is installed and I’m ready for shelves and bars to be installed as well. My chair and rug have arrived. I mentioned this earlier but I’ll say it again: I chose ELFA on my own and received no compensation for using or mentioning The Container Store. While I use their products ALL THE TIME for clients, I also chose this product for myself. They are expensive. No question. But for me the expense is totally worth it.

organized closet makeover
One of the few pictures I did save.
organized closet makeover
Terrible picture of the new fixture.

When I can find what I need in the morning quickly, I save time and am not harried. Knowing exactly where everything goes and having a home for everything is priceless. My sanity was starting to sway a little bit having clothes and shoes all over the place and not even close to being in order. I am not OCD but anyone can tell you that visual clutter leads to mental clutter.

Invest in a system that works for you. ELFA may not be the answer but you’ve got to find what works for you and your budget. IKEA has some great closet organizing solutions that work great. I’ve worked with clients who use shoe boxes and whatever hanger they can find due to budgets and they make it work. Just get a system so that you can:
• Put clothes & shoes away easily. If you don’t have a home for it how do you know where it should be?
• They are hung or folded or simply placed so you can use them with minimal fuss
• You can see what you have. If you don’t know what you have to wear, how can you know what to put on in the morning.

This whole project is all about making life easier for myself and a beautiful closet is just what I need to make my mornings stress-free.

What would make your mornings easier? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

GO see the progress on all of the other projects in The One Room Challenge. I bet THEY have pictures!

Happy organizing!


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