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So how many of you are familiar with the One Room Challenge? If you are, skip to 2 paragraphs down. If not, let me explain: it’s a 6 week challenge for people to make over a room in their home. There are designers, tastemakers, and style mavens who are invited to participate but also mere mortals can link up as well to show their on designing and making over a room in their home. It’s really fun to watch the process of redesigning a room take place right in front of your eyes. It’s like a slowed down version of an HGTV-design show but with real people. To learn more about the ORC history, click here to visit Calling it Home.

One Room Challenge


For me, it’s all about the closet and, like you and clients I help, it’s all about accountability. We all want to make changes and see progress but sometimes we need someone to hold our feet to the fire and force us to actually get it done. Having 6 weeks, and no more, to share what’s going on whether it’s going according to plan or not, is the point of the project.


Did I mention I'm not a photographer?
Did I mention I’m not a photographer?


As much as I’d like to say this will be a piece of cake, I need help, too. I’ve been planning on redoing my closet for years now. Let’s just say we’ve got a “the cobbler’s children have no shoes” kind of situation going on here. The professional organizer’s closet isn’t so pretty. Yes, I have good hangers and a shoe rack but I’ve also got a bridesmaid dress that I’m not wearing again, expensive, uncomfortable shoes that give me the evil eye, and emotionally charged detritus #thatijustcan’tbeartopartwith. I’m going to have to take my own medicine and hire myself (ha!) to get my closet made over and organized.

Embarrassing lack of order here.
Embarrassing lack of order here.

The process I’m taking myself through is exactly what I take clients through.

  • Discuss goals, timeframe, and budget. What does an organized closet look like to you? Everyone has a different concept there.
  • Go through every item in the closet to determine if it needs to be kept, stored elsewhere, donated, discarded, etc
  • Once the excess has been removed, you can start to design the solution. Now you know what you’re working with. The solution will meet client’s lifestyle, personality, and design aesthetic.
  • Get any necessary supplies
  • Put it all together
  • Stand back and admire

There may be some “rinse and repeat” steps that you have to go through in the above list but that’s the overall process to get an organized closet with me.

Help! I can't even reach the top shelf nor can I really see what's up there.
Help! I can’t even reach the top shelf nor can I really see what’s up there.

This is not the smallest closet in the world but it is also not the largest. There is a slanted ceiling to content with and I’m going to have to take the door off temporarily so you can see both sides. Oh, and there’s a door to attic storage that this dresser is currently blocking that will need to be removed. While it is one of my favorite pieces of furniture, it shouldn’t be put in a closet: It needs to be out where it can be admired. 🙂

And what’s so fun about this challenge is watching other designers’ and bloggers’ room transformations. It’s ah-mazing  the level of creativity that is out there. So click here to look at the others participating.

I’ll give the list of problems and the plan to handle those challenges next week. I hope you’ll enjoy reading and maybe pick up a tip or two! 😉 Happy organizing!


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