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I’ve seen it all. Everyone has too much of something in their home. Most likely it with good intention:

I might need this some day…
This was useful a while ago…
My mother always saved these…
I don’t know how to get rid of this…

But it’s not being used anymore. Technology and styles have changed. You’ve loved and used it all you can. Or maybe it never worked for you.

These things may have been useful at one point (see socks, electronics, towels) but focus on the key descriptors “no longer use” or “expired” and “broken.” These are things that no longer serve you so it’s time to let them serve someone else or be recycled. Just because you don’t need it now doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t appreciate it or find it useful.

I’m here to tell you, just get rid of it. The extra stuff you keep is overwhelming you and keeping you from progressing. And it’s taking up space in your home. That space could be used for more positive energy than duck sauce packets or grocery bags.

I challenge you to read this list and let me know what you were able to get rid of today. Enter in the comments below what you figured out you had too much of that you were able to let go. It’s ok if you sing the Frozen song while you’re doing it. 😉

Happy organizing!

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