Spring is in the air…

It’s a gorgeous Spring day outside and the season’s official start isn’t for another few days. Are you excited or overwhelmed by the start of a new season?

If you’re even the slightest bit overwhelmed, don’t worry. That’s normal. Nobody likes change and it feels like the new year just started.

Let me help you embrace this new season by giving you the steps to clear out Winter stuff to make room for Spring stuff, which is inherently lighter and fresher! But, let’s call it Spring Organizing, not Spring Cleaning. That just seems nicer. 🙂

  1. Start by getting a large shopping bag or box and mark it Donate. (Feel free to use more than 1 bag :-)) In it put any winter clothes that you know you aren’t going to wear again. It could be a sweater that doesn’t fit anymore or a coat that you’re just ready to pass on. Maybe you don’t need as many pairs of gloves as you thought. This is a time to be generous and put anything in that you are ready for someone else to use. Giving to others is always a good idea.
  2. Get sweaters, scarves, blankets, and coats cleaned. I know you’ll still wear some sweaters or scarves on chilly days but now is the time to get the heavier items cleaned and ready for storage. Put them in another bag and put it by your door so you can take it to the cleaners on your way to work.
  3. When you get items back from the cleaners take them out of  the plastic bag prior to putting away. Clothing and blankets need to breathe so put them in cloth bags if you must with lavender sachets or cedar blocks to prevent moth’s eating and destroying them. What moths like & eat, by the way, are food and other stains on the fibers so cleaning is the most important step before you store something. ‘Putting away’ may just be placing these items on a higher shelf or in a trunk; it doesn’t have to mean putting in the attic or basement, which would be a whole other blog post.
  4. Bring your warm weather clothes out of storage. If you have warm weather clothes stored elsewhere, go get them! As you’re putting them in drawers, take everything out and refold them. This is good for several reasons:  1. You get to handle everything before you put it away and determine if it needs to go to the Donate box.  2. It gives them a chance to air out. 3. Everything gets put away neatly.
  5. Clean off winter boots prior to putting away. Remember clean stuff works better and you’ll want those boots to be made for walking come next Fall.
  6. Switch out flannel sheets for regular cotton ones. Soooo refreshing! Now is a good time to flip your mattress and clean your pillows and mattress pad. Here’s a link for more info on how to clean pillows.
  7. Open windows and let some fresh air in! Think of this literally and figuratively. As you are going through your winter clothes, putting away heavy blankets and rearranging drawers, let some air in by shaking out and refolding items. Pull the cushions off the couch and clean under them. After a winter of watching movies and playing games indoors, I’m sure your couch has its fair share of snacks in the cracks. Fluff your couch cushions and pillows.
  8. Put away any holiday decorations. Seriously, people. It’s March. Holiday decorations can include wreaths, tchotchkes on the mantle, and Christmas guest towels. Don’t forget about the frasier fir/ pumpkin spice/ holly berry candles or room scents. Put those away! Bring on the spring colors and lighter scents.

So get your Spring on and enjoy this new season ahead of us. Make your home a little lighter and shed some of the excess weight of Winter by clearing out what you don’t need and pass it on to someone who might have need of it.

Get some fresh air in and outside of your home by opening windows and letting the light shine in. Just don’t let your stuff hibernate another season and take up valuable space, energy, time, and effort.

If this all seems just a little too overwhelming or you don’t have the time, give Neatsmart a call. We’d love to help you make your life easier by getting your home organized for Spring.

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