Being thoughtful, thankful, & clutter free

Happy November, Everyone! I laughed out loud when I heard on the Food Network that Halloween marks the beginning of the Eating Season. That sounds pretty accurate for my house.


November means that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are just around the corner. While this time of year is typically a joyful one, I find a lot of people get more stressed this time of year trying to keep up with their neighbors and friends.  Stop comparing yourself to other people and stop looking at all of the “holiday  themed” commercials thinking you need to get THAT product in order to be happy.

Happy people are thankful for what they have and don’t live comparing themselves to others and what they think makes them happy. What does this have to do with organization? Everything!

When we start focusing on what we have and being truly grateful, we let go of comparison and that need to have more in order to be happy. More is not better; more is just more. Chronic shoppers crave that high that they get from buying something on sale or that they think will satisfy their loneliness but it’s just a temporary fix. People spend thousands of dollars on craft supplies for projects they’ve seen on Pinterest or in their neighbor’s houses and think “I’ll do that and it will make me/ my family/ my children happy.” I have nothing against Pinterest nor pretty homes but your surroundings should represent YOU and be a reflection of YOUR tastes, not just some Pavlovian response to a commercial jingle.

Having more stuff never makes you happier. In fact, it usually does the exact opposite. You feel buyer’s remorse for having spent all of that money and even guiltier for not really using or wearing what you purchased. You realize that the excitement over acquiring something new wears off pretty quickly. Looking around your house, you have these reminders of things that you thought would make you happy and realize that they are just things. If you don’t stop the cycle you end up getting more stuff and just feeling worse. It’s like your house is constantly overeating.

Be thoughtful in your purchases this season. Are you getting yourself a new outfit because you really need it or because you feel that everyone else will have one? I heard a style consultant speak one time about dressing for holiday parties and her first piece of advice was to remember that people wanted to speak to you, not your dress, and people will forget what you were wearing.

Be thoughtful in your gift giving in general. Make your list and really check it twice. Give from your heart.

Am I giving out of love or trying to elicit a specific response?
Am I giving more out of guilt for not spending the time I want to with the people I love?
Does the person I’m buying this gift for need or want it or am I just checking a (gift) box?

Acknowledge and be grateful for what you already have and focus less on what you don’t have. If you make your purchases thoughtfully, you’ll enjoy them more and take more pleasure in sharing your gifts. Having less stuff and a more carefully curated home will make you happier, reduce your stress, increase creativity, and save you  money. Here’s to being thankful!

Happy organizing!

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