Reduce your stress the easy way

Do you feel like you’ve got a million things swirling through your brain? Do you need a few more hours in the day to get it all done? Ever wished for a personal assistant…or 5? If you have the budget to hire assistants you can stop reading now because this just won’t apply to you. Everyone else, here’s how you can be your own personal assistant or, if you want to be fancy, aide de camp.

Write it down

The act of writing tells your brain that you’ve already processed that information and don’t have to worry about it. It frees your brain to do other things like focus on traffic or solve the next problem. The more you spend time trying to remember something the more time you’re NOT getting other things done.

Writing is a way of imprinting the piece of information on your brain. Your eyes register the visual aspect of the written words while your hand working to write helps build the muscle memory in your brain. That’s why when you write your grocery list you usually remember the majority of it. You have the memory of writing it. Ever bought groceries when someone wrote the list? It’s not always as successful, is it? When you write it, you can start to imagine where the items are in the grocery store and visualize yourself making the selections. Shopping off of someone else’s list takes more effort because you didn’t create the memory of the list in your head.

So be your own personal assistant and carry a small notebook with you to write things down. One notebook. Not one for each activity. Just one.

As tempting as all of the colors are, just pick one. Check out Target for a 3 pack.

When you have a flash of inspiration or something comes up that you need to remember to do, write it down. Your brain will thank you and your stress level will remain low. Everyone around you will thank you, too! 😉

Happy organizing!

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