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shippingFile this one under “using what you have” and “don’t want to go buy a box,” crossed referenced with “saving money.” I had a package that needed to be mailed this week and couldn’t find a right sized box. Some of you may remember from my 30 Day Challenge back in July that I had gotten rid of a lot of cardboard boxes that were littering my closets. While I still stand by my belief that keeping things “just in case” is a bad idea, I still needed to send a package and didn’t have a box the right size.

But before I went out to procure such a box, I decided to take a second look around the house to see if there were anything else I could use to send this package. And then I saw my stash of plastic Container Store boxes that I use all the time to organize for clients. While these are found in the clothing storage section of the store, I use these boxes for EVERYTHING: hair accessories in the bathroom, crafting tools, mailing labels, medical supplies, etc. But I hadn’t used one to ship anything before.

Ladies’ shoe box is all packed up and ready to go.

I used some brown craft paper to mask the contents a little and an old dry cleaning back for padding. This was actually a perfect size and it can be reused by the receiver so you could say the package is part of this gift. If this works and arrives undamaged, I will probably twist my elbow patting myself on the back. The box was less than $2, can be reused, is sturdy, and is reasonably attractive. This is enormously appealing to me! I’ll keep you posted next week on how it worked once it arrives at my friend’s house.

Do you remember using paper grocery bags to wrap your text books? In my family we also used them to wrap packages prior to shipping. I think brown craft paper is perfect for gift wrapping, too. It can fit any mood or occasion just by putting on a different bow or ribbon plus you can write or draw on it! It’s available at a dollar store but that paper is not as sturdy.

What multipurpose items do you have around your house? I’d love to hear your suggestions for using what you have.

Happy organizing!

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  1. Okay, this is totally terrific. Did it arrive safely? Did you seal the box with any kind of tape… seems like it could pop open. I love clear plastic boxes and use them with clients all the time as well….

    • Seana,
      I’ve got to check with my friend to see if she’s gotten it. Yes, I had to seal it with clear packing tape but it should be easy to get off unlike tape on cardboard. I’ll keep you posted!

  2. So how did it come thru the mail? I would think this would work great.

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