Day 28: 30 Day Challenge

Day 28: More Children’s Books

It’s always amazing what you find that you can let go once you have the mindset of clearing out what you don’t need. We get used to having our “things” around us but when we sit down to examine if we really need or use them we realize that they aren’t relevant to our lives today. This is an important shift that has to take place in order to effectively declutter.

day 28

You have to let go of things you no longer use.

You have to let go of the mindset of “I might need this someday.”

You have to let go of things that don’t suit your lifestyle today.

Fortunately, I have a younger niece and nephew that are avid readers and learners so today is going to be like Christmas for them. Remember there is always someone else who can benefit from what you are ready to donate or give away.

Happy organizing!

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