Day 9: 30 Day Challenge

Day 9: Random Things from the Office

Here is another post that I think a lot of you can relate to: having random things that need to be disposed of but you just don’t get around to it. Or you don’t know what to do with the items.

day 9

Here are mine:

Pens and markers that don’t work. They are going in the trash.

Old, expired gift cards. These are going in the trash.

Memory card for a camera I no longer have. Recycle this.

Promo materials and notebook I don’t need anymore. Recycle these.

If a pen doesn’t work anymore, don’t put it back where you got it when you grab another. Throw it away!

Ok, this one is a personal pet peeve but if something doesn’t work, get rid of it! đŸ™‚ Don’t keep it in your home. Recycle it or discard it responsibly but don’t keep it.

Happy organizing!

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