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Here are the details about an office space I put together for an entrepreneur who was having a hard time completing projects and getting creativity in gear due to her cluttered desk.

“Getting organized was something I not only didn’t have time for but the thought of doing it is so painful and it would be exhausting.”

This is EXACTLY why people hire Neatsmart! They don’t have the time to get organized but really can’t afford to not have everything in its place. If you’re not able to function well in your workspace, you’re losing more than the money you’d spend hiring an organizer to get it done for you.

Based on our initial discussion of her goals and objectives we determined the following needs:

  1. More general office storage
  2. Place to store checkbook and other financial documents
  3. Paper storage
  4. Ability to find different types of documentation easily
  5. Easily maintainable system–this was the key to her success.

So off I went to IKEA to get a desk and some storage pieces. This is what I call a perk to my job but you have to know there is no such thing as a short trip to IKEA. Even if you know exactly what you are getting and where it is. There is a time warp that occurs when you enter. Some people require medication to even go there. You know who you are. 🙂IMG_1732

This was the situation BEFORE. Her space is open and loft-like but the office needed to be compact. It’s in a multi-function space so clutter needed to be minimized and a home needed to be assigned to everything. Every home needed to be clearly marked and easily accessible.IMG_1762


See how horizontal spaces become clutter magnets?
See how horizontal spaces become clutter magnets?
This was the paper storage Bermuda triangle.
This was the paper storage Bermuda triangle.

This was how we achieved her goals:

Enter desk and drawers. I can’t say how important drawers are for offices. It gives you the place to store all of those small office supplies like scissors, tape, stamps, stationery, etc. without having to leave them on the desk surface. Remember, horizontal spaces are clutter magnets so you’ve got to have a place to put everything instead of leaving it all out.

One of her primary goals was to have financial documents and checkbooks stored together. That was accomplished with the drawers in addition to being the place to store stamps, personal stationery, labels, and other office supplies. No more leaving everything on the desk or, even worse, shoving it in a basket where it gets lost.

So here is the AFTER:

Drawers, glorious drawers!
Drawers, glorious drawers!

IKEA has a great solution for paper storage–you know all of the different types of printer paper and stationery you use? This worked well for her needs and now everyone knows what goes where. It’s also important to incorporate existing storage whenever possible. Her cute pencil and marker holders were put to good use on top of the paper. IMG_1774


The documentation that she needed to access was SORTED and appropriately stored together and LABELED so she could find it easily. This solution needed to be easy to make it work which is what everyone needs: a simple solution that’s easy to follow. Not everybody processes information the same so each organization solution is tailored to each client’s needs.

Some of the supplies that were on the desk got moved here & we utilized existing storage boxes.
Some of the supplies that were on the desk got moved here & we utilized existing storage boxes.

The last thing we did to make this office more functional and beautiful was to put a picture above the desk for aesthetic enhancement. Your office should reflect your personal style and be a place you are inspired to do your best work. Neatsmart likes to add that extra artistic touch that brings the space together.


So what do you think? Any questions? I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Great Job Carrie! I was curious about this little space when I saw you post the “before” shot a few days back.

  2. Looks great! So neat and organized!

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