Spring Cleaning & Organizing

So spring is now officially 15 days away and probably at lot of you are more than ready for it to make its appearance. This has certainly been a long, cold winter. A new season coming on feels a lot like a new beginning and I love a chance to restart, as you can read here.

spring cleaning

I’m not into “cleaning” so much as organizing, as you can probably tell if you’d read any of my posts for the past year or so. I get so excited about clearing out the old and greeting the new with open arms.

  1. Take sweaters (as needed), coats, scarves, and other winter paraphernalia to get cleaned. You know I’m I huge fan of cashmere because you can wash it by hand or even in the delicate cycle of your washing machine. When you are ready to finally put them away do not store them in the plastic dry cleaners bags. They are best stored in fabric bags or breathable boxes. Put in a lavender sachet or cedar chips to ward off bugs.
  2. If you store boots and other winter shoes away in boxes make sure they are clean prior. Brush off any excess dirt and give them a good wipe down. Make sure they are dry on the inside, too.
  3. Any residual holiday decor lying around? Yes, it is time to finally put it away. Like now.
  4. Put away blankets as they aren’t needed. It doesn’t hurt to get them cleaned as well prior to putting away.
  5. Looking at your winter clothes and accessories are there things that you did not wear this year or haven’t worn in a really long time? It might be worth considering donating these items to someone who can really use them. This also applies to blankets, coats, gloves, scarves, hats.

What is your favorite spring organizing activity? Enter in the comments below.


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