5 Things in 5 Minutes: Happy March!

Welcome to the first week of March and the latest edition of 5 Things You Can do in 5 Minutes to Get Organized. Who doesn’t have a little spring fever at this time? I don’t want to rub it in with readers in cooler climes but let me just say the sprouting crocus and daffodils are a sight for sore eyes.


Spring is 16 days away and Spring Cleaning is definitely on my mind. I love a good refresh in my schedule, my home, what I cook, eat, etc. Take some time this week to try these 5 ideas to kick start your spring cleaning!

  1. Assign times to your To Do list to ensure productivity and completion. Treat to dos like appointments that can’t be skipped and they’ll get done. Schedule down time for yourself, too, on your calendar so you can recharge your batteries. Think of it as “planning time” or “strategy session” so you can relax for a few minutes and clear your head.
  2. Tackle a pile of papers. Pick a pile, any pile! Whether it’s a stack of catalogs, mail, receipts, whatever, just spend 5 minutes going through and figuring out where the papers go. If nothing else, throw away any trash that was in the pile. I guarantee when you get started you’ll want to finish.
  3. Lay out your clothes the night before. I know, it sounds like you’re reverting to childhood but isn’t it better to have one less decision to make in the morning? Plus, you’ll know ahead of time that you’ve got clean clothes waiting for you instead of learning early in the morning that the shirt you wanted to wear still needs to be cleaned or ironed and you’ve got to find something else to put on at the last minute.
  4. Tackle the junk drawer. Ok, this might take longer than 5 minutes depending on the size but at least spend 5 minutes throwing away trash like old receipts, rubber bands that have worn out, dried up pens, expired coupons, old party invitations….you get the picture.
  5. Put by the door anything that needs to go out. If you’ve got dry cleaning that needs to be dropped off, recycling, ¬†library books that need to be returned, or mail that needs to dropped in the mailbox put it by the door now. That way when you are ready to leave you’ve got all of your “outgoing” ready to go out!


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