5 things you can do in 5 minutes to get organized


Welcome to a new series here on the Neatsmart blog: 5 things you can do in 5 minutes to get organized. If there is one thing I’ve learned in all my years of helping people to get organized, getting started is the hardest part. It feels like a Herculean and Sisyphean task times two to tackle that closet or extra bedroom that somehow got filled up with stuff throughout the years. However, if you can wrestle with one mini, micro, super small project and get it done, the ripple effect will help you in getting the big projects done further down the line.

So Mondays are going to be devoted to 5 organization tasks you can get done in 5 minutes. I’m not saying you can get all of them done in 5 minutes but each one should take less than 5 minutes. Just don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back for a job well done. 🙂

So here is your list for this week. Go, get organized!

  1. Empty the dishwasher. If you don’t have one, put away the clean dishes and clean out the sink.
  2. Clean out your car while you are pumping gas. Throw away the trash and shake out the floor mats. Bonus points for cleaning the windshield.
  3. Sort through today’s mail and throw away anything that’s junk into the recycle bin. From now on, do not let junk mail in your home.
  4. Clean out your wallet/ purse. Throw away the trash, file receipts where they need to go, take out anything that doesn’t belong there. Your back will thank you.
  5. Hang up any clothes in your closet that need it. Toss anything dirty into the hamper.

See, don’t you feel better already?

Happy organizing!

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