How Clutter Costs You Money: Kitchen Edition

Our topic of the radio show last week, At Home with Paisley, was discussing and debunking design and organization myths. For both of us, an interior decorator and a professional organizer, there is a myth that only super rich people can afford our services or that it is highly indulgent to hire a decorator or organizer. While I know that hiring a decorator can save you money by helping you put together a design plan to save from costly, extraneous purchases, I want to talk about why disorganization actually costs you money.

This is a topic I have written about before but it seems even more prevalent given that we all will be paying more taxes this year. It is essential to spend more wisely and carefully, not frivolously. So today I’ll focus on the Kitchen and tomorrow I’ll talk about your clothes closet to see where disorganization and clutter may be costing you money.

Kitchen:  What does your kitchen and pantry look like? Do you hate going in there because it is a mess? Do you know what you have in your pantry? Refrigerator? Can you see everything clearly? So many people don’t clear out their pantry so they have no idea know what is in there that is edible. They throw away food because it is stale or past its due date so they are essentially throwing money away right there in the trash. Do you eat out a lot because you can’t bear to face the messy kitchen? Do you throw away the leftovers because they’ve gone sour in the refrigerator? Again, there is money you are tossing in the trash along with the moldy moo goo gai pan. 

Eating out not only costs more money but your body pays the price as well with added weight, which leads to buying more clothes (we’ll talk about the closet more tomorrow). I know a lot of people are proud to say that they don’t cook but I can tell you taking the time to clear out the pantry and refrigerator and filling them with food that you like and that you can use to create a meal will pay off exponentially. First off, you can accomplish the clearing and cleaning part in a weekend. It may not be your favorite way to spend a weekend (although I would love it!) but it is an investment in yourself and your sanity that will pay off immediately. Second, learning to cook will take a little longer but there are tons of free resources for easy menus that are perfect for novices. Pinterest, Food Network,, and Epicurious are great online sources for easy recipes and my friend and chef, Nancy Waldeck, has a Friday Four Ezine that will provide you with a new, healthy recipe to try every Friday. Soups are an especially rewarding menu item to start with and are perfect for winter–one of my favorites!Image

Messiness and clutter in your kitchen hurt you and your waistline. Clear the clutter and eat at home to save money immediately. Tomorrow, we’ll talk about the cost of clutter in your closet connundrum! J

Happy organizing!

p.s. Do any of my foodie friends have additional comments about how eating at home can save you money, stress, extra weight, etc?

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  1. Great discussion. I think I will check my refrigerator, it probably needs attention. Years ago, Natialie Dupree published a great book, Everyday Meals from A Well Stocked Pantry. I still use her guidelines.

    • I’ll have to check out that book. It sounds perfect, especially for burgeoning chefs. Thanks for stopping by, Pat. I hope you are well.

      • See if you can find it. She stocks the perfect pantry for toady’s busy woman. There have been many nights when I was able to cook at home using recipes in her book because my pantry was stocked with appropriate items – no store or restaurant run required. Saved me lots of money and time. Enjoy! I enjoy your blog.

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  3. Wow that is amazing! It’s a great read! I learned something new today.

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