Neatsmart Closet Makeover – Week 5 ORC

One Room Challenge

                            One Room Challenge

Welcome to week 5 of the One Room Challenge: Closet Makeover—only 1 more week before the big reveal! If you haven’t seen the other weeks’ posts, you can catch up here with Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and my sad Week 4 with no progress pictures. 🙁 Check out the other participants while you are catching up. There is some great inspiration here!

Left side of closet with shelves installed

Left side of closet with shelves installed. I’m loving the slight lavender wall tint. 🙂

Much progress has been made due to the shelves being installed (and photographed!)! As I mentioned before, I chose to go with white wire ELFA from the Container Store. They are definitely an investment but an investment in yourself and your sanity is always worth it. Knowing exactly what you have in your cliset and where it all goes is PRICELESS.

And if you can make it a littler prettier and more reflective of you along the way, then that’s all the better. Everything in your home should be a reflection of who you are 😉

Right side of closet with ELFA shelves installed

Right side of the closet. Notice the door to attic crawl space. I couldn’t cover it up but it’s not pretty.

ELFA is great because it is highly customizable. The problem is, you have to know exactly what you have to determine the types of drawers or shelves or hanging space you’re going to need. Week 3 was all about taking measurements of my clothes, shoes, and accessories to know what kind of storage I’d need.

I LOVE the rug in the closet as well. It’s my favorite color and just adds a little luxury in an often overlooked spot. I got it at

One room challenge, organized closet

       Happy colors = happy closet

Some other closet considerations most people forget about are:

  1. Where to store luggage and tote bags. These items aren’t clothes so we tend to not include them in the space allocation.
  2. Where is the closest place to sit to put on shoes? I was fortunate and could add small chair. Yippee!
  3. Is there a trash can nearby for tags, pocket lint, and trash? I’ve organized many a closet that didn’t have a trashcan nearby so this just ended up on the floor.
  4. Where is a hamper for my dirty clothes? They need a home, too.
  5. Where do I put my change? (see #3—this also ends up on the floor a lot!)
  6. Where do I put extra buttons that come with my clothes?
Closet essentials

Closet essentials: safety pins, extra thread, & buttons

If you learn nothing else from reading this post, learn this: you MUST have a designated place for storing buttons, beads, sequins, and safety pins that come with your new or cleaned clothes!

IF you don’t have a home for them they will be scattered throughout your entire home. Then, when you need that extra button or a safety pin, you’ll have no idea where to find it.

You can use something as simple as a jewelry box, glass jar, or tea tin or you can get fancy and pull out a china or crystal bowl. Just use something! I guarantee this will save you hours of frustration over your lifetime.

orc-5-3I can’t wait to show you the final project at next’s week’s reveal! I’ve still got some tweaking to do to make it all work. Have you been following along with the other participants in the One Room Challenge? These are some amazing transformations that are happening right now!

Happy organizing!

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2 Comments on “Neatsmart Closet Makeover – Week 5 ORC”

  1. How inspiring, Carrie. I love your rug and the pretty things you used to hold pins, buttons, etc. Thanks for sharing your expertise. Can’t wait to see the final production.

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting! Isn’t it nice to be able to bring beauty to something mundane like safety pins? 🙂

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