Favorite organizing tools

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I get asked all the time what are my favorite organizing tools and so I’ve decided to do regular posts called “My favorite things” (cue Julie Andrews singing…..). They aren’t my favorites because someone told … Read More

Coat Closet Organizing Tips

Baskets and wooden hangers go a long way to keep this coat closet in order.

The coat closet is one of the most utilized yet neglected areas of the home. We expect it to hold a lot of items (coats, leashes, hats, umbrellas, various shoes & boots) yet builders rarely … Read More

Organizing for Teenage Girls

I’ve had the recent pleasure of working with several teenage girls getting their rooms, bathrooms, and closets organized and I’ve been amazed at how well they responded to my plans and suggestions. I think they … Read More

Beautiful & Functional Pantry Organization

organized pantry, baskets

Neatsmart had the pleasure of working on a fun and challenging pantry organization project. Julie Silber, owner of Décor Joy, a company that provides a turnkey system for running an interior design business, contacted me seeking … Read More

Amazing Containers!

organized cabinet desk office

The power of a container can not be underestimated. I realize this sounds like a lot of praise to give to a box or bin but you have no idea how amazing a container can … Read More

Stuff you have too much of right now

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I’ve seen it all. Everyone has too much of something in their home. Most likely it with good intention: I might need this some day… This was useful a while ago… My mother always saved … Read More

Spring is in the air…

It’s a gorgeous Spring day outside and the season’s official start isn’t for another few days. Are you excited or overwhelmed by the start of a new season? If you’re even the slightest bit overwhelmed, don’t … Read More